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Welcome to our family wiki!

Click on any of the blue highlighted text to go to a page, or use the search box on the left side of any page. Some of the pages that we are currently working on are listed in the news section of this page. There are some surname pages, cemetery pages, and place-name pages, as well as many individual ancestor pages. The links with the icons are to external sites. Have fun! (The photo of the logo is my grandfather Thomas Henry Menten, Sr.)

This has nothing to do with anything, but I needed a place online to put an illustrated story that our six year-old concocted: Catherine's Story

Starting points for surnames of interest ...

Click on any of these names: Menten Genealogy, Grieshop Genealogy, Neiberg Genealogy, Keller Genealogy, Bishop Genealogy, Moulder Genealogy, Green Genealogy, Russell Genealogy

News ...

We've traced back our tree to Thomas Rush b. 1593 and discovered that we are related to Dr. Benjamin Rush, a signer of the declaration of independence (3rd cousin, seven times removed). Reingolde Russ is our thirteenth great grandfather. We have also made the connection to the Creach line and to the schoolmaster Roscoe Creach who taught Eula Bishop. We have found death certificates that confirm that George Ann Bishop was born George Ann Foster as we had suspected and as we had been told.

We've traced our line back through the Burroughs family of Newtown, New York (now Elmhurst, Queens) to Massachusetts in the early 1600s. Our tenth great grandfather, John Burroughs, arrived in Salem Massachusetts in 1637 when he was 26.

New resource for Ohio Valley Mentens: German-American Citizens League of Greater Cincinnati We have heard from Gerry Twomey who has provided wonderful detail on the Twomey line of our family. You will find a (slightly edited) version here: Twomey (I have modified references to the relationships with living folks.) I am working on Gladys Elizabeth Menten's ancestors.

Sad news. Margaret Hannigan has passed away.

I now have a copy of Family Tree Maker. Works like magic for online searches if you have a subscription to Love it! Filling in the Swanson tree. I'll be adding the Reeders soon to take that line back to the 1500s. What fun!

Well we went back to the census images and discovered that the mysterious Andrew, age 73 was really William's son Andrew, age 23. The record was incorrectly transcribed and the image shows the age clearly as 23. So no more mystery about William A. Green's parentage. He is a son of Richard Green, Jr. as we had thought. A novice's error. Red face.

Working on Edward Bishop. I have created a photo gallery for ancestral photos, documents, census pages, and the like here. You will need to create an account for yourself from the gallery home page and wait for me to be notified and approve it. Did you know that one of the first Mentens to the New World was Willem Menten who arrived in NY 1n 1638?

We have extended the Bishop line from Edward Bishop to John Bishop b abt 1806, identified his wife Georgiann Foster, and found her parents. In the process we found the connection to Robert Thomas Foster, and we have found Charles E Bishop and identified Sam Bishop to be James S Bishop. We have made a connection to Rachel Storie's ancestors going back a number of generations. Collected some great photos on the Bishops, Moulders, and Greens. Made some new friends!

On the Menten side, We have added more information in the Brucken branch and we have gathered census records to confirm much of the data. Working on the Mentens. Note the spelling of Grieshop as Graesup in the 1850 Census here: Caspar Heinrick Grieshop. Got some images of draft cards, voter registrations, marriage certificates, etc. We are also working on the Kellers and the Twomeys and have made some progress. Here is a new resource: Anglo German Family History Society. Germany GenWeb Project. Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen)

I have installed a privacy extension and am hiding files of living people. I am creating groups for family units so that they can see and modify their own pages. If I you come across any information that should be hidden or removed, please let me know and I'll fix it quickly.

I've added Infoboxes and will update the pages as I go. See Thomas Henry Menten, Sr. for an example.

Just for fun: Genetic Genealogy

Did you know that ...

If you are descended from William Ned Bishop, then:

1. You are related to William Penn:

  Sarah Rebecca Penn's folk's were of the Earl William Penn family,founder
  of Pennsylvania Colony. Sarah Rebecca Robertson, died giving birth to Lavina
  who was raised by James White of Jefferson County, Tennessee.
 "Jacob Mohlar wrote: Grandfather Felta's wife, Levina, was a direct descendant of William Penn."

2. Your line has been traced back as far as the early 1600s to Peter Moller and you have a whole-lotta relations in Tennessee.

3. You have a direct ancestor, Richard Green, Sr. who served in our war of independence. We can follow his wife's line back to the 1500s. So far these are our earliest ancestors in the New World.

3. You are English, Prussian, Swedish, Dutch, Irish, Swiss, ...

4. You are third cousin to Dr. Benjamin Rush; a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

5. You are eligible for DAR, SAR, ...

6. Some of your ancestors left the Massachusetts colony for New Amsterdam fleeing persecution by the Puritans. Figures.

If you are descended from Thomas Henry Menten, Sr., then:

1. Your line has been traced back to 1646 to Nicolaus Kremer of Sampont, Luxembourg, Belgium.

2. Your Menten ancestors have roots in Prussia.

3. You may have had a ggg...g grandfather who borrowed books from Goethe. If we correctly understood the reference in the book "Goethes Werke." (Hope he returned them!)

4. You are Dutch, Prussian, Luxembourger, ...

Try these links

John Bishop, Calef's Country Store, Heinrich J. Menten, Henry Caspar Menten, Edward Menten, Thomas Henry Menten, Sr., Chapel of the Nativity, Broadview Farm, Jacobus Hubertus Menten (Royal Dutch Shell).

Try this ...

Use the search box to find family, and then use the links to go up and down the tree of ancestry. Check out Nils' photo gallery just for fun. Try and decode the German text in the book Goethe's Werke for the entry Johann Heinrich Menten on the page Heinrich J. Menten.

If you go here Special:Newimages you can see thumbnails of photos and other files that have been added recently. This site has a free family tree program (Personal Ancestral File) for Windows that can import and export GEDCOM files. We are using this program to organize our ancestor information. When we are done, we will upload a GEDCOM file to various online repositories and we will publish it on this site and through our Menten-Genealogy and Bishop-Genealogy Google Groups. German Emigration to the United States. TODO: Garril Kueber. Heinrich J. Menten. Richard Green, Jr.

(Fun stuff but not our tree:) Mayflower Descendants Society of Mayflower Descendants in Ohio Ouch! Genealogy Photo Archive

If you have the time to document the tree: Patriot Grave Search

Rumors ...

Are the Bishops related to Daniel Boone? Elizabeth Patricia Bishop mentioned it to her children. "The Boone Family" - A biographical sketch of Daniel Boone, the pioneer, by Jesse Procter Crump, one of his descendants. Were our ancestors tried as witches? We haven't followed the tree back far enough to know: Surviving The Salem Witch Trials - The Bishop Family


Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. We will be creating a GEDCOM data base to share. You can get free family tree software here: Family History and Genealogy Open Source Software.


Modified Henry Systems

Stuff to follow up on

Re: [HN] Re: Familie Menten

Date: 2005/02/17 15:01:54 From: J.Hannema

Hallo Jane , Meiner Meinung nach gibt es keine Verbindung , aber sage niemals nie ! "Meine " MENTE - also ohne N !! - kommen aus Lippe und Niedersachsen : über Franz weisz ich nur dasz er Chirurg in Minden war , sein Sohn Christoph heiratete in Braunschweig 1693 eine Dorothea Berckelman : die beide starben in Goslar . Eine Tochter heiratete da ( 1713 ) Georg F. von Döhren . Über Menten können Sie u.a. Daten beim Centraal Bureau für Genealogie in Den Haag finden : . Mit freundlichen Grüssen aus Holland , Jacobus Hannema .

Original Message -----

From: "Jane Swan" To: <Hannover-L> Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 3:43 AM Subject: [HN] Re: Familie Menten

> Jacobus: Ich auch suche Informazion über Johann (Hans, Jens) Menten (vielliecht früher Mente), der Dorothea (Doris) Bruns um 1870 verheiratet hat. Das Ehepaar wohnte in Bremen um 1870 bis um 1910. Aber Familiegeschichte steht, dass die Familie Menten aus Holland, vielliecht Rotterdam, stammt. Ist es möglich, diese ist die selbe Familie, die du forschst? Jane > > > Jane Swan >

Followup Message -----

Date: 2005/02/19 05:19:43 From: Jane Swan

Danke, Jacobus, für das NL website. Ich wird es studieren. Jane

Jane Swan

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