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William Green b: Abt. 1669 in England d: 16 Jun 1722 in Mercer, Co. NJ Bur: Trenton, NJ

Wife: Johannah Reeder b: 1669 in Newton, Long Island, NY m: 1692 in Trenton, NJ d: 1720
Son: Jeremiah Green b: 15 Feb 1709/10 in Hunterdon Co, NJ 
    d: 12 Jan 1763 in Potts Creek, Rowen Co, NC
Son: Richard Green 1695 d. 1741
Father: John Greene b: 1651, England or Richard Greene b: 1655, England

The William Green House. WilliamGreenGravestone.jpg

Descendants of William Greene

WILLIAM GREENE was born 1671 in New Jersey, and died June 16, 1722 in 100 Scotch Rd., Trenton, Ewing Psby. Cemetery, NJ. He married JOANNA REEDER in Newton, Long Island..

Notes on JOANNA REEDERS family:

She is the daughter of JOHN REEDER II (John I) and JOANNA BURROUGHS. He was born 1645 in Newton, Long Island, NY. His father was JOHN REEDER I who was born 1610. He married MARGARET THORPE. She was born 1610.

JOHN REEDER II born 1645, Newton, Long Island, NY.
? REEDER, b. 1636
and ISAAC REEDER, b. 1653.
Children of WILLIAM and JOANNE REEDER are:    
1) 	JEREMIAH GREENE, born Hunterdon Co., NJ and died 1762.   
2) 	RICHARD GREENE died 1741.  He married MARY ELY.   
4) 	WILLIAM GREEN II, born 1702; died 1786.  He married LYDIA ARMITAGE.
5)  	JOANNA GREENE.  She married a SEVENS.
ISAAC GREENE, born August 18, 1738, Oley, Berks, PA.  Died May 3, 1818, Union Twp. Monroe, WV.   Married   ELIZABETH DAVIS.

From "Descendants of Richard Green" (11979)

Judge William Green (11919) (Richard) was born circa 1671 at Wiltshire, England. He immigrated, departing from England, arriving circa 1691 in Philadelphia, Province of Pennsylvania. He married Joanna Reeder (11920), daughter of John Reeder (11937) and Joanna Burroughs (11938), before 1696 at Newtown, Province of New York. He died on 16 June 1722 at Trenton, Province of New Jersey, now Ewing, Mercer County. He was buried in First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Ewing, New Jersey, now Mercer County. The area where William Green settled was originally called Hopewell Township. It was originally Burlington County, then became part of Hunterdon County in 1713. 125 years later, it was made part of Mercer County. In 1834, Ewing Township was separated from Trenton. Joanna Reeder (11920) was born in 1669 at Newtown, Province of New York, now Suffolk County. She died in 1723.

Father: Judge William Green (11919)
Mother: Joanna Reeder (11920)
i. Richard (11921) was born in 1696 at Trenton, Province of West Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County.2 He married Mary Ely, b. c 1710.
   He died after 18 June 1741 at Trenton, Province of  New Jersey, now Ewing, Mercer County.
ii. Joseph (11923) was born in 1698 at Trenton, Province of West Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. He married Elizabeth Mershon (11924) circa 1735 estimated.
   He died on 12 March 1784. Elizabeth Mershon (11924) was born in 1714.2 She died on 12 March 1775.
iii. Sarah (11925) was born circa 1701 at Trenton, Province of West Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. She married as her first husband Benjamin Severns (11927) on 28 May 1730
   at Province of New Jersey.2 She married as her second husband Thomas Smith (11926).
   Her death date has not been found.
   Benjamin Severns (11927) was born in 1704.2 His death date has not been found.
   Thomas Smith (11926). Thomas' (11926) birth date is unknown. Thomas (11926) was born in
   Province of New Jersey, now Hunterdon County.2 His death date has not been found.
iv. Joanna (11922) was born in 1702 at Trenton, Province of West Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. Her death date has not been found.
v. William (11928) was born in 1702 at Trenton, Province of West Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. He married Lydia Armitage (11929) circa 1732.
   He died in February 1785 at Prince Edward County, Virginia.
   Lydia Armitage (11929) was born in 1706 at Trenton, Province of New Jersey, now Mercer
   County, daughter of Enoch Armitage.2 Her death date has not been found.
vi. Benjamin (11930) was born in 1706 at Trenton, Province of New Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. He married Martha Deen.2 His death date has not been found.
vii. John (11931) was born in 1708 at Trenton, Province of New Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. His death date has not been found.
viii. Isaac (11932) was born circa 1709 at Trenton, Province of West Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. He married Margaret. His death date has not been found.
ix. Jeremiah (11899) was born on 15 February 1710 at Trenton, Province of West Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. He married Joanna Hunt (11900), daughter of John Hunt (11935)
   and Margaret Moore (11936), in 1738 at Province of New Jersey.
x. Esther (11933) was born in 1712 at Trenton, Province of New Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. Her death date has not been found.
xi. Mary (11934) was born in 1714 at Trenton, Province of New Jersey,
   now Ewing, Mercer County. Her death date has not been found.

Provided by Phyllis Robinette

Phyllis Robinette - Jul 26, 2003 Categories: Green, TREES & BRANCHES

William Green arrived from Dorset, England about 1690 to Philadelphia, Pa. William was Judge of Court of pleas in New Jersey Circa 1690-1700. William Green was born in 1668 in England, he married Joanne Reeder 1690/1700 in Newtown, Long Island. He died 1722 in Hunterdon Co. NJ. and is buried in the Ewing cemetery in Trenton, NJ. His mother and father are both unknown at this time. Several researchers believe his father to be John, while some say his name was Richard.

Joanne Reeder was b. 1669 in Newton, Long Island, NY. She d. before 1722 and is buried at the Ewing cemetery in Trenton. Her parents were: John Reeder and Joanne Burroughs.

Husband: William Green b. 1668 in England
Wife: Joanne Reeder b. 1690/1700 in Newtown, Long Island.
Children were:
 1-Jeremiah b.1710 d. abt. 1762
 2-Joseph b.1697 d. aft 1700
 3-William b.aft.1702, d. 1786
 4-Benjamin b.1707, d. aft. 1768
 5-John b.1708 d. aft. 1700
 6-Issak b.1712 d. aft. 1700
 7-Sarah b.aft.1690 d. aft. 1700
 8-Mary b.1704 d. aft. 1700
 9-Ester b.1703 d. aft. 1700
 10-Richard b.1695 d. 1741
 11-Joanna b.aft.1690 d.aft.1700.
Jeremiah and Joanna were a big part of what was known as the “Jersey Settlement.”
Husband: Jeremiah Green was born 2-15-1710 in Hunterdon County, NJ. to
    William Green and Joanne Reeder, (don’t have a date of marriage)
    d. abt. 1762 in Rowan Co. NC.
Wife: Joanna Hunt was b. in 1715 in Ashe Co. NC. d. abt. 1789 in NC. her parents were:
      Father: John Hunt
      Mother: Margaret Moore
1. Isaac b.ca.1742 no death date, married Margaret
2. Sarah b.ca.1751 married to John Wilson with 6 children and no death date,
3. Richard Sr. b.ca.1740 d.aft.1810 married to Ellender Sullivan with 8 children
   (which I will talk about later)
4. Mary b.ca.1748 d.post1830 with 6 children married to John Sloan, officer of Ramsours Mill fame
5. Hannah b.5-5-1746 d.4-2-1811 (Hannah married a Green cousin, but I don’t have his first name)
   with 2 children Oliver and Martha
6. Joanna b.ca.1758 d.4-17-1840 married 2 times 1-Hugh Silvers 2-Landrine Eggers
7. Jeremiah ll (no dates at all, but I do have the information that he had 11 children,
   was married to Mary Wiseman, and served in the American Revolution)
8. John b.11-3-1757 d.11-21-1826 was married to the daughter of his mothers brother.

Some people will tell you that an Enoch and a Stephen were also children of Jeremiah, but this has not been verified. Jeremiah II and Richard are DAR Revolutionary War patriots, and possibly others are, too. I have been told that John b. 11-3-1757 was a Tory and went to Canada, but I don’t know that for sure. Mary b.ca.1748 was married to Captain Sloan of the Revolution's Ramsours Hill.

Richard Greene, Sr. was born 1742 in Hunterdon County, Trenton, New Jersey to Jeremiah Greene and Joanna Hunt. He died aft 1810 and was married abt. 1765 to Ellender Sullivan, I have no further dates on her. They had 8 children:

Father: Richard Greene, Sr., b: 1742, Hunterdon County, Trenton, New Jersey
Mother: Ellender Sullivan
1-Richard Jr. b. 1781, married to Frances Humphries 1797 d. 1862.
2-Amos b.1778, married Elizabeth Searcy abt. 1798, d. 1-6-1857,
3-John "Moccasin" b.abt.1772 married Elizabeth Coffey____, d. abt. 1852,
4-Isaac "Mountain" b. 1787 married   Susan Gragg 5-28-1810, d. 1855.
5-Jeremiah b. 1766 married Anne Hartley 4-2-1790, d.1840-Tn.
6-Elanor b. 1774 married Samuel Baker ______, d. post 1850,
7-Joseph b. abt. 1782 d. 1861 married Elizabeth Shearer in 1790,
8-Benjamin b. 1782 d. abt. 1860 married Mary "Polly" Elrod abt. 1800-NC.

Benjamin and Joseph were very identical twins…

Richard Jr. was born in Rowan County, NC. Frances was born in Virginia in 1780 and died on 8-1858 in Overton Co. Tn. She is the daughter of William Humphries and Susannah Webb. Both her and Richard spent the last years of thir life in the home of their son, Thomas. They have memorials at the Green cemetery in Overton Co. Tn. But we don’t know for sure if they are buried there or not. They had 11 children that can be proven, there is said to be a 12th, I will tell you about that child at the end of this.

Father: Richard Green, Jr.
Mother: Wife: Frances Humpheries, b: 1779(1780?), VA, m: 1797
 1-Dicy b.ca.1797 d.12- 1884 married Joshua Story 2-2-1818. He was b.1-18-1793 d.10-1879,
   they spent their lifetime in Watauga County, NC.
 2-Susannah b.ca.1799 d .____married John Story2-8-1821. He was b.ca.1798 They spent their
   lifetime in Watauga, NC
 3-William A. b.4-12-1800 d. 11-6-1876 married twice,
  (1) Rachel Story 3-4-1854
  (2) Emily Carlton 8-15-1854, William served in the Indian war, and along with
  brothers Reuben and John Calvin, moved to Camden Co. Mo. in the 1830’s.
 4-Jesse b.2-22-1802 d: 3-6-1878, m: Mehetebel Fairchild 12-25-1821. She was b.3-29-1796, d.11-6-1872.
 5-James b.ca.1804 married Tempe Estes.
 6-Reuben b. 8-7-1807 d.11-17-1878 married Mary”Polly” Bradley on 2-6-1832.
   She was b: 10-20-1818 d: 3-23-1873. I have in my possession that marriage bond.
   I also have a land survey to Reuben from the state of North Carolina.
   (These are my GGG Grandparents )
 7-Thomas b. 12-10-1812 d. 1-1-1884, he married Nancy Angeline Greene, a distant cousin who
  was born in 1813 and died in 1855, Thomas later married Lucinda Jones, but I have no
  marriage dates oor either woman.
 8-John Calvin b. 1810 d. 1885, married ca. 1838 to Arvazenna Hale,
  she was b. 1820 d.2-18-1882 and is buried on the old Creach farm in Camden County,
  Missouri with only a fieldstone for a marker At this time, I don’t know what happened
  to John Calvin#1. (These are also my GGG Grandparents )
 9-Elbert (No info..)
 10-Enoch, married Elizabeth Adams,
 11-Levi b. ca. 1805 married Elizabeth Merrimon 2-14-1830.

When Richard Jr. moved to Tennessee, he dropped the 'e' from the end of his name. It is unclear whether it was from a family feud or exactly why. Jesse went to Bollinger County. There was said to be a 12th child, another boy, 2 names are mentioned:

Richard who married Rebecca
Alfred who migrated to Missouri, married several times had several children and
   spent most of his time in a Bollinger County, penitentiary for counterfeiting.
   He also killed 2 men in Missouri, most likely, he is ours ):

John Calvin Green was born in Wilkes County, NC. Not much has been found out about Arvazennah, either people don't know of her, or they are unwilling to talk ): She was buried on a farm, the Lester Creach farm in Camden County, Mo. because when she died, there was a flood that prevented them from getting to the cemetery. They had nine children.

Father: John Calvin #1
Mother: Arvazenna
1-Lovelacy b.ca. 1840,
2- Jasper : Jasper b. 10-6-1842 d.4-21-1904 married Nancy Ann Jackson b.1-2-1839
   d.7-21-1922, but there is discrepancy in marriage date and courthouse burnt in 1902
  (These are my My GG Grandparents.)
3-Louisa b.ca.1845 d.bet 1850/1860
4-Elizabeth b. ca.1847 married Thomas J. Palmer,
5-Martha Frances b. 1849 d. 1929 married 2-26-1866 to Noah Webster Palmer .
6-William F b.ca.1852,
7-Emily J.b.ca.1856,
8-Eurana b.ca.1859,
9-Mary Ann b. 2-10-1861 d.ca. 1935 married M.F. Greene, which was no relation...father
  of M.F. was John Lewis Greene, grandfather was Theodarick.

Reuben Green was born in Rutherford County, NC. Mary Ann “Polly” Bradley was also born in Rutherford County, NC on 10-20-1818. The dates of birth were verified by the cemetery book, “Lest we forget”. It is a cemetery book of all the cemtery’s of Camden County, Mo. Polly Bradley’s parents were Issac Bradley and Mary Moore, Polly and Reuben are buried side by side in the Union Electric Cemetery, in Roach, Mo. They had 13 children:

Father Reuben Green:
Mother: Mary Ann “Polly” Bradley
1-Alice “Allie” Green b.1832 d.4-25-1901 m.5-30-1862, to1st Marion Francis
       2nd Richard Phillips
2-Birden “Bird”W. Green b.1834 d.1877 or 1924 m.Minerva Palmer
3-Catherine Green b.1837 d.1931
4-Amanda Green b.1838 d.1-1900, m.7-1854 to James M. Russell b.ca.1832
       d.11-13-1915, 4 children. One of whom was my Great Grandmother
       Rebecca Russell who married John Calvin Green.
5-William Lucinder Green b.1839/1840 d.1840-1929
6-Joseph McKinley Green b.12-15-1842 d.11-15-1923, m.1stElecta Wilcox 2nd Letha
7-Samuel L. Green b.1843 d.1844-1933
8-Walton Lafayette Green b.11-19-1847 d.10-27-1916, m.Mary Elizabeth Inks on
9-Lucinda Green b.1850 d.1929
10-Reuben Russell Green b.1851 d.1921 in OK. Married 4 times, I have 3..1st, Maria
   Brownlow, 2nd Rebecca Danley, 3rd Amanda Connell.
11-Issac Richard Green b. 1855, married
 Tennessee Martilla Sullivan.
12-Eliza A. Green b.1857
13-Julia Ann Green b.1860

Jasper and Nancy had 7 children. Nancy was the daughter of Stephen Jackson and Winifred Doyle.

Father: Jasper Green
Mother: Nancy Green
1-My G Grandparents, John Calvin #2 b. 7-7-1862 d. 4-15-1957 married to
         Rebecca Russell on 12-18-1884, I just  found out about wife #2Betty Lindsey..
2-Mary E b. 11-9-1865, d. 1965 married to Tom Foster.
3-James N.b.1-9-1868 d.8-28-1891.
4-T. Marshall b.9-18-1871 d.8-18-1944 married Virenda Ann Osborn on 12-4-1892.
5-Leora Alice b. 7-20-1873 d. 3-29-1944 married Samuel Long on 1-29-1896.
6-Albert b. 6-15-1876 d. 4-6-1904 married Ethel Osborn.
7-George Arthur b. 3-31-1880 d. 7-10-1956 married Ida G. Palmer

Jasper was in 2 Civil War units along with my other GG Grandfather James Marion Russell. father of John Calvin #2's wife Rebecca, whose mother, Amanda was the daughter of John Calvin #1's brother Reuben.. James Marion Russell was also the Sherriff of Camden County, and Jasper was his Deputy. I am unsure of the years, but I intend on finding out.

John Calvin and Rebecca were cousins. She was b. 8-15-1867 d. 1-7-1911. They had 8 children. He later remarried Betty Lindsey after Rebecca's death, but no one seems to know anything at all about her.

Father: John Calvin II
Mother: Rebecca 
1-James Alfred b. 9-30-1895 d. 2-26-1958 married Edna May Barnes b.1-17-1887 d.4-19-1961.
2-William Jasper b. 6-30-1887 d. 10-17-1945 married Nellie F. Osborn on 1-28-1906
3-Benjamin H. b. 10-28-1889 d. 4-1-1890
4-My Grandparents, Floyd Edgar b. 6-17-1891 d.6-23-1968, married Dora Emma        
 Parks on 12-26-1913.
5-Elsie M. b. 3-1893 married Doc Holt
6-Evaline b. 5-5-1897 d. 1970's married Loren Greene(no relation) 7-24-1914
7-Elmer b. 12-1899 d. 1903
8-Herman b. 1902 d. 1935 married Myrtle Martin

Floyd Edgar Green Sr. and Dora Emma Parks were my Grandparents, who were married in Hickory County, They had 7 children.

Father: Floyd Edgar Green Sr.
Mother: Dora Emma Parks
1-Mona Frances b. 9-17-1914 d.8-26-1997 married to John M. Donnell 5-2-1940, 2 children.
2-James Calvin b.3-13-1917 d. 3-1-2005, married to Helen Beard on 5-3-1942, 3 children.
3-John Pershing b. 9-2-1919 d.3-10-1990 married Eva Bell Pannell 9-13-1941, 4 children.
4-Eva Mae b. 6-5-1922 d. 3-8-1990 married 1- Glen Waisner, with 6 children, 
   2-? Knight, 3-Carl McMurray, no children with the other spouses.  
5-William Denzil b. 9-12-1925 d.8-5-2005, married 1-Juanita Enderle 10-26-1949 with
   4 children, 2-Gladys Curtis, they had no children.
6-Floyd Edgar Jr. b. 9-11-1927 LIVING married Delores Fierking 1-1-1949, with 1 child.
7-My Parents Emma LaJune b. 6-1-1932 LIVING married Denzil Parker LIVING on 8-19-1950, with 4 children.

All of the mates are deceased, except my father. I don't have any dates. I've asked, but haven't received... My Uncle James Calvin (Jay) was in the Army in WW2, he was a POW in the battle of the bulge. My father Denzil B Parker was in WWll-Navy, My Uncles were in WWll-Army, John Green and my uncle William Green was in WW2-Navy. My Uncle Floyd Edgar Green, Jr. Army. was in the Korean Conflict. My cousins Ronald Green-Navy and Roger Green-Army were in the Viet Nam Era…, Roger was sadly killed in an auto accident while home on leave. My son Jonathan Martin was in Baghdad Iraq from July-Nov. 2003, also in Manta, Ecuador, from Feb.-Aug. 2005 under George Bush. He is in security in the Air Force, after having served 4 years in the Marines.

Also from Phyllis

My first ancestor William Greene b. before 1675 in England, came to America before 1700.
He married Johannah Reeder, had 11 children including my direct ancestor Jeremiah Green.
William died 6/16/1722.(2)

Jeremiah Greene b. 2/15/1710 married Johanna Hunt b.1715 in ashe co.nc, there were 9 children
including my direct ancestor Richard, Jeremiah d. 12/31/1839, Johanna d.? in rowan co. nc.(3)

richard greene b. abt.1740 in new jersey, married elanor sullivan, had 8 children including
my direct ancestor richard greene jr. in rowan co.nc.(all dates on the above are unknown),

(4) richard greene jr. b. abt. 1772 in rowan co. nc., married frances humphries, moved to
tenn. in 1820's or 30's. there were 9 children and 3 brothers came to camden co.mo. 
when they moved west, the e was dropped from the end of their name.)the brothers were
william-reuben and my direct ancestor john calvin green.

(5) john calvin settled near the niangua river in the then benton, now it's camden county, mo.
he was b. abt.1818 in ashe co. nc. married aruazenah hale b. in nc also. she died 2/18/1882,
and it is suspected that he remarried and left the country. they had 9 children including
my direct ancestor jasper green.

(6) jasper b. 1842 in camden or hickory co. mo. married nancy jackson b.1/2/1839. they had
7 children including my g grandfather john calvin green(named for his grandfather.

(7)john calvin green b. 7/7/1862, married rebeccah frances russell, they had 8 children with
floyd edgar being my grandfather.

(8) floyd was born 6/17/1891, married dora emma parks b. 7/21/1891, they had 7 children with
emma lajune born 6/1/1932 being my mother.